Fetty Wap's Wife Says She Dealt With 'So Much Abuse' Following Baby Mama's Angry Rant

Leandra 'humbly' apologizes to Masika for taking a picture of baby Khari but she refuses to take abuse as she slams her rapper husband for 'switching up.'

AceShowbiz - Fetty Wap's wife Leandra K. Gonzalez posted a cryptic message on Instagram after she was called names by his baby mama Masika Kalysha in an expletive-laden message. "I've never dealt with so much abuse," Leandra said without mentioning Fetty or Masika. "A picture was painted a completely different one was presented."

Leandra was previously called a "w***e" for taking a picture of Masika's daughter Khari. Masika blamed Fetty for failing to keep Leandra in check, "After u swore u would never have my child around any of yo h***s that u haven't introduced to me yet u got this groupie h** around my kid taking a sneak picture like a fan in the f***ing bathroom looking real statutory!"

Leandra defended herself in a quick comment, insisting that she didn't have any ill intentions. "We were singing a song while we was washing out hands," she claimed.

Leandra then took to her Instagram Story to share her thoughts. She said she had enough of Masika's verbal attacks. "Know she was the only BM that presented an issue," the Instagram model claimed. "And I never once no matter how much subs shots she took never once said a thing."

Leandra addresses Masika's verbal attack

Leandra addresses Masika's verbal attack

Without mentioning Masika, she wrote, "I read yall entire text thread!!! I know everything!! Just like I knew you was coming to bring the baby and staying at the Fort Lee apt. It was never an issue. You wanted your moment to yell at your phone screen you got it."

Leandra then addressed Masika's anger towards her for taking Khari's picture, "If this is really about posting the picture I am a mother so yes I can surely humble myself and apologize."

Leandra hits back at Masika

Leandra hits back at Masika before apologizing

She went on to blast her star husband Fetty, "I married someone who promised one thing and switched up! I changed my entire life for this person in 30 days everything shifted!! I have never been thru nothing like this never have received treatment from a man like this!!"

Leandra slams Fetty Wap

Leandra slams Fetty Wap

Although she was sorry, she said she refused to take abuse, "I came into this s**t genuine and real! No intentions no motives none of that and anyone that knows us will tell you that! Im not going to allow anyone to abuse me and sit around for the sake of saying Im married! Or that im even linked to this person. No way! Its been to much done to much pain caused to much toxicness (sic). You live and you learn."

Leandra says she was abused

Leandra says she was abused

She apologized again to Masika, "I was saying I can def humbly apologize. For posting the pic in that sense. It was the wrong tool to use in a war but it was done out of pure emotion. Yet no hateful harm. Im a great mother and have been displaying nothing but love to his kids so for that yes im sorry."

Leandra apologizes to Masika

Leandra apologizes again to Masika

Fetty Wap whose real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II married Leandra in September this year in a private ceremony. He has seven children with seven different women.

The rapper stayed mum on the drama in his household.

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