Shaun King Backtracks Kim Kardashian Diss After Getting Call From Rodney Reeds' Family

Prior to this, the civil rights activist shaded the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star by suggesting that she wasn't sincere in helping the death row inmate.

AceShowbiz - Shaun King is taking back what he said about Kim Kardashian. The activist recently shaded the KKW Beauty owner by suggesting that she is not sincere in helping prevent Rodney Reeds' execution, but he has now backtracked his comment after receiving a call from the inmate's family.

Posting a tweet from The Innocence Project that thanked Kim for her effort in the case, Shaun clarified on Instagram that what he said was "partly true." He added, "She does like being on TV and I do like doing the work, but my friends at the @innocenceproject let me know today that behind the scenes Kim is actually starting to do the work. And I'm glad about that."

Shaun also let his followers know that he didn't think the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star was "clout-chasing." He said on the micro-blogging site, "I was fully convinced that she's sincere in her efforts. Rodney's family told me so themselves. I just wanted to make this clear."

This arrived less than a day after Shaun dissed Kim when one of his followers asked why the makeup mogul was being interviewed on "Today" instead of Shaun, who was one of the first people rallying to block Rodney's execution. Seemingly throwing shade at Kim, he replied, "Because she likes being on TV and I like doing the work."

During her interview with the NBC morning show, Kim discussed the moment Rodney learned of his halted execution, recalling how the inmate was "extremely emotional" and said "Praise Jesus." She said on the show, "When someone has been through some trauma and so much disappointment in their life that, especially when they feel like they haven't been heard, you can imagine still a sense of disbelief," citing Rodney's "history of just being let down for so many years."

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