Watch Jay-Z React to Yo Gotti Losing $500K in Single Blackjack Game

That's not the only time the 'Rake It Up' hitmaker lost on a gambling table during the Shawn Carter Foundation Gala as he reportedly contributed $1M of the total $6M raised that night.

AceShowbiz - Yo Gotti had to learn it the hard way that he's not a master of gamble. Fortunately, it all happened for a good cause. The rapper recently ran up a $1 million deficit from a gambling night at the inaugural Shawn Carter Foundation Gala.

The "Rake It Up" hitmaker was one of the guests at the charity gala hosted by Jay-Z on Saturday night, November 16 at the newly renovated Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood. In an Instagram video, the 38-year-old rapper lost $500,000 on a single hand of Blackjack as the bank.

The clip captured Jay-Z's honest reaction as he witnessed the moment Yo Gotti lost half a million dollars in a single game. The "Holy Grail" rapper was flabbergasted as he let out a stunned "Oh My Goodness" while walking away in disbelief.

Yo Gotti, meanwhile, looked like someone whose spirit leaves his body. He didn't even bother to force a smile as the card dealer continued on with her business.

One famous guest allegedly tells MTO News, "There was free champagne and people got Rolexes, but they were expected to gamble. And they definitely did. Yo Gotti got carried away, and ended up losing [a million dollars]."

The guests, including Meek Mill, Swizz Beatz, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe and Fabolous, paid the $100,000 entry fee to gamble. The source explains, "Most of the guests lost the [$100,000] that they bought in and stopped gambling. Yo Gotti kept going. He decided that he wanted to become the 'bank' and bet against Jay-Z and some of the other guests. He lost."

Despite losing a total of $1 million, Yo Gotti seemed to still have a good night. Sharing a picture of him sitting next to Jay-Z on Instagram, he wrote in the caption, "10 years ago they would of thought I'd be on a fed bunk Not on this table .. - Many are called only a few are chosen," adding the hashtag #TheFamily.

The gala raised a grand total of $6 million.

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