Aaron Carter Says His Addiction Began When He Broke His Jaw

The 31-year-old troubled singer opens up in an episode of 'True Hollywood Story' that he was addicted to opioids after taking medication to ease the pain of his dislocated jaw.

AceShowbiz - Singer Aaron Carter became hooked on opioids after receiving painkillers to treat a broken jaw.

The "I Want Candy" hitmaker revealed he collapsed into prescription drug addiction when he dislocated his face in a brawl and continued to use the oxycodone medication he was prescribed by a doctor despite healing from the injury.

"The show always must go on," Aaron says in a clip from the upcoming E!'s "True Hollywood Story" television special focused on his life and career. "I had to take a painkiller to even sing. But I did find myself, OK, healed from the jaw and still taking the medication."

In 2017, Aaron was arrested in Georgia on suspicion of driving under the influence, and around that time fans began to comment on his gaunt frame, convincing him it was time to give up opioids.

"Everybody thought, 'Oh my god, he has AIDS, he's a crackhead, he's a methhead,' " he says. "That's when I realised, OK, either you get your s**t together or you make the decision to slowly die."

Aaron has managed to stay off opioids since swearing off painkillers, although his health remains an issue, as he was hospitalised for an unknown illness on Thursday, November 14 in Florida, with reports suggesting he needed medical attention for exhaustion.

The star's "E! True Hollywood Story" premieres in the U.S. on Sunday, November 17.

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