Russell Crowe's Property Destroyed in Bushfires

The Australian actor shares on social media a video of a chopper water-bombing the flame and posts aftermath pictures that show how badly his property was damaged.

AceShowbiz - Russell Crowe and his family fled to safety as Australian bush fires engulfed the star's rural property on Tuesday, November 12.

The actor's New South Wales home was hit by the fires that are spreading across eastern Australia, and he revealed on social media that two of his buildings were destroyed by the flames.

Although the "Gladiator" star was out of the country, he tweeted that his home near Coffs Harbour was hit by the "catastrophic" bushfires, as he posted a video and pictures of a helicopter water-bombing smoke-filled trees near a fence and driveway.

"Top shot son!" the 55-year-old penned in the caption.

While he did not specify how badly his property was affected, he added three pictures of the grounds around his home on fire, showing firefighters containing the blaze. He did not say who took the photos.

"Lost a couple of buildings, but overall very lucky so far. Chapel roof scorched," he said in a subsequent post as he kept fans updated.

The "Robin Hood" actor also confirmed no livestock or horses had died in the incident, adding, "Let the chickens out and they are back, warm worms for breakfast!"

Bushfires are common in Australia, but the blazes arrived earlier this year due to dry conditions after three years of drought. Three deaths have been confirmed so far.

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