Stella McCartney Removes Post About Meghan Markle's Remembrance Day Coat Amid Backlash
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The fashion designer daughter of Paul McCartney finds herself under fire for her 'disrespectful' publicity over what the Duchess of Sussex was wearing to the annual memorial in London.

AceShowbiz - Stella McCartney has come under fire after the fashion designer took to Instagram on Sunday, November 10, to plug the designer coat worn by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex on Remembrance Day.

The British royal wore a $1,989 (£1,545) belted wool Stella McCartney coat to watch the poignant Remembrance Sunday commemorations from a balcony at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, and the daughter of Paul McCartney took to Instagram to share a snap of the moment.

"So honoured to have HRH Duchess of Sussex in our Autumn '19 coat at Remembrance Day service. x Stella," she penned.

Stella McCartney gushed over Meghan Markle after she wore her coat.

However, the sentiment was not well received by fans, who branded the post and its accompanying caption "insensitive", "inappropriate" and "tacky".

"Remembrance Day is to honour those that fought for us not to use for advertising purposes. Pretty shocked," wrote one user in the comments, while another added, "Using Remembrance Day to advertise your clothes is a little disrespectful! People died and you take pictures of people showing respect for advertising purposes. Just wrong."

A third fan wrote: "Not an appropriate time to be selling your clothes. This is extremely tacky. I expect better of you, Stella."

Prior to the controversial post, Stella shared a clip of poppies with the caption: "Remembering the ones that sacrificed to give us freedom x Stella."

She also posted a video beside the Animals in War Memorial in Hyde Park, telling the camera: "I always think this is one of the most important memorials in London that recognises the lives of the animals that were sacrificed at war, because they had no choice."

The fashion mogul has removed the photo of Meghan from her account but is yet to respond to the criticism.

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