Paula Abdul: I Helped Transform Val Kilmer Into Jim Morrison for 'The Doors'
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Describing her work in OIiver Stone's 1991 film as one of her biggest career highlights, the former 'American Idol' judge recalls training the 'Top Gun' actor to recreate the late rocker's mannerisms.

AceShowbiz - Paula Abdul helped Val Kilmer nail the role of late rocker Jim Morrison in OIiver Stone's 1991 film "The Doors", as the actor's 'movement trainer'.

The singer and former "American Idol" host considers working with iconic directors to be among her biggest career highlights, and she loved working with director Stone on the biopic.

"I feel like being able to work with iconic legendary directors has been a highlight," she said looking back on her work in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I think most people don't even know that I did 'The Doors' biopic in 1991. With Oliver Stone, I literally transformed Val Kilmer into Jim Morrison."

The star insists she aided Kilmer's performance by helping him capture the way Morrison carried himself.

"That's a whole other aspect of choreography that's not dance but helping someone inhabit a character," she adds. "With Oliver Stone, he was meticulous about recreating Morrison's mannerisms in Val Kilmer."

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