Kim Kardashian Channels Elle Woods From 'Legally Blonde' in Halloween Sketch

The reality star, who aspires to become a lawyer, dresses up as Reese Witherspoon's onscreen character and mimics some of the iconic scenes from the classic movie.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian is showing off her acting skills by recreating Elle Woods' Harvard Law School admission essay video from "Legally Blonde" for a Halloween skit.

The reality star mimics Reese Witherspoon's legal eagle character word-for-word and frame-by-frame for the mock up of the 2001 movie, floating in a pool, leading a business meeting, and objecting to a passing wolf whistler who finds her attractive.

Ironically, Kim, who goes blonde in the quirky new video, is studying to become a lawyer - just like Reese's Elle Woods, who is set to return to the big screen for a long-awaited second sequel.

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