Jennifer Aniston Offers to Fix Instagram After Causing Glitch With Debut Post
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Joking that she doesn't know what it is that she actually broke, 'The Morning Show' star addresses the hype she caused by joining the social media site in early October.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Aniston is more than happy to take responsibility for causing an Instagram glitch with her debut post on the social media site.

The actress broke records when she joined the site earlier this month (October 2019), getting herself over a million followers in just 45 minutes after posting a snap of herself and her former "Friends" castmates.

Joking she didn't mean to break the social media platform, Jennifer told Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of her new Apple TV+ series, "The Morning Show", in New York City on Monday, October 28 that she's prepared to "fix it".

"I said, 'I'll pay for it, I'll fix it!'" she laughed. "I don't know what it is that I actually broke."

Addressing the hype her debut caused, the star added, "It's so funny," before noting that she's still learning how to use the platform.

The "Murder Mystery" star also revealed she's taken promoting her page to her own fans - and even called her celebrity pals, including ex Justin Theroux, to make sure they were following her.

"Can you imagine if I just start calling all my friends, 'Are you following me?'," she shared.

Also at the launch of the new show was model Ashley Graham, who revealed she got to know Jennifer after the pair exchanged private messages on the site.

Gushing over her new friend, Ashley enthused: "She's real on Instagram! She's running her (account). I love it. Five hours, a million followers - who does that? Nobody, but Jennifer Aniston."

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