T-Pain Praised for Being Totally Honest About the Reason Why He Cancels Tour

The 'Masked Singer' season 1 winner announces on Instagram that he is forced to cancel his upcoming '1UP DLC Tour' due to low ticket sales, saying, 'We f***ed up.'

AceShowbiz - T-Pain is keeping it real with his fans. Instead of lying about the reason why he canceled his upcoming tour "1UP DLC", the Tallahassee native blatantly told his fans on Instagram that he was forced to scrap the trek due to poor ticket sales.

In a video he shared on the photo-sharing site, T-Pain began by explaining the problems that his team had while preparing the tour. "Some corners got cut. Production went missing," he said. "I wasn't as hands-on with the planning and things as I should have been because I've been busy as hell." Thinking that the tour would be as successful as the previous one, he then announced the cancellation of the tour before revealing the real reason behind the decision.

"I was advised to lie about this and say that I needed some time, or I needed some time alone time or me time or some s**t like that," he explained. "We f***ed up. I'm gonna keep it real with y'all. Most artists lie. Whenever concerts get canceled or tours get canceled, it's for low ticket sales. I just had to take it upon myself to make that decision and let that go. Something I've always gone by; you can't hold on to a mistake just 'cause you spent a long time making it."

Refunds will be available for those who have purchased tickets.

Following his cancellation announcement, many have since praised T-Pain for being totally honest about the real reason why he made the decision. There were people who admitted to respecting the winner of "The Masked Singer" season 1 more after the revelation, while one person said, "You are so dope. This was very big of you."

"Honesty is the best policy Pain!! We here waiting for you made.. let's do dis right," another wrote, as one other person commented, "Appreciate that you kept your artistic integrity and was honest. Truly love and appreciate everything you do. Hopefully next tour you can come swing back to Boston. Enjoyed your performance."

Bruno Mars also left a comment underneath the post, writing, "You a game changer bro. We always talk about your records and how you flipped the script on the world, Forever a legend."

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