Video: Kanye West Goes Ahead With Jamaican Religious Concert Despite Backlash

It marks the first time for the G.O.O.D. Music founder to take his weekly Sunday Service outside the United States, and he's reportedly planning to hold it in other countries.

AceShowbiz - Despite all the backlash he's been receiving, Kanye West's Sunday Service in Kingston's Emancipation Park in Jamaica goes as planned. Many people took to their social media account on Friday, October 18 to document how the two-hour religious concert went on, including "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Spice.

The music mogul and his choir took the stage in matching gray T-shirts with the words, "City of Kingston" written on it. Among the songs that the group performed during the concert were Gong Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock" as well as a rendition of his song "Jesus Walks". He said at the end of the concert, "Kingston we love you, God loves you, Jesus loves you, yes I know."

The concert marked the first time Kanye took his Sunday Service outside the United States, with reports stating that he is also planning to take his weekly service to other countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

This arrived after several local pastors in Jamaica voiced their protest against the hip-hop mogul's plan to hold the Sunday Service there. "I don't know [Kanye] as a Christian and someone who is being led by the Holy Spirit. We have to examine the motive here," Pastor Stephen Blake previously stated, adding that he would lead a platoon of "prayer warriors" to the stadium to bless the site before Kanye's performance.

"From a spiritual perspective, I am not 100 percent comfortable," he continued. "Kanye knows that people are gullible and he is now using religion to captivate them... If his motive is to get attention and stay relevant, then that is wrong." He added, "Therefore, I am calling for the church to pray against him, just in case there is anything negative associated with this service that Kanye is coming to Jamaica to keep."

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