Ben Affleck Helps Celebrate Kevin Smith at Hand and Footprint Ceremony
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Months after he and the 'Justice League' star ended their decade-long feud, the 'Jay and Silent Bob' creator along with his co-star Jason Mewes are honored with the special ceremony in Hollywood.

AceShowbiz - Ben Affleck came out to celebrate director Kevin Smith during a hand and footprint ceremony in Hollywood on Monday, October 14, months after the pair ended a decade-long feud.

The actor, who has teamed with Smith for six films, was on hand to help commemorate the filmmaker and his "Jay and Silent Bob" co-star Jason Mewes during the Los Angeles event on Monday, October 14. Kevin's daughter Harley Quinn Smith and his wife of 20 years, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, were also on hand.

Affleck's appearance comes months after he and Smith revealed their 10-year rift had come to an end. In July, Smith took to Instagram to share an emotional post revealing the two had reconciled, adding he missed Affleck "terribly."

Smith shared images of himself alongside Affleck and Mewes on the set of the next "Jay and Silent Bob" film and included a explanation in the caption.

"MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK!" Smith joked. "This scene - and more importantly, my reunion with a guy who I've missed terribly for nearly a decade."

Last November (2018) a Twitter user asked Smith about the pair's relationship, writing "Sometimes I wonder what really happened between Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith that made them not talk to each other."

Smith responded, "If I had to guess? It's because one of us has a big mouth and told too many candid stories that sometimes weren't his to tell, and the other one is Ben."

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