Kanye West Slammed for Insensitive Slavery Remark at Howard University's Sunday Service
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The 'I Am a God' rapper makes a baffling joke about black people during his latest Sunday Service, a year after he offended people with his 'slavery was a choice' comment.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West apparently hasn't learned his lesson after landing in hot water over his controversial slavery remark in 2018. Holding his Sunday Service at Howard University in Washington D.C. on Saturday, October 12, the rapper made a baffling comment about black people.

In a video which has circulated online, the 42-year-old delivered his speech at the historically black university when he addressed to the crowd, "If they throwing slave nets again how about we all don't stand in the same place." His comment was met with awkward silence, while his guitarist made a face that expressed his shock. According to MTO News, the audience later started booing Kanye, though it wasn't captured in the video.

People have since taken to Twitter to react to Kanye's new slavery remark. "So he doubles down on the 'slavery was a choice comment,' " one wrote. Another slammed the "Black Skinhead" rapper, "You can tell Kanye doesn't read."

Greg Carr, an associate professor at Howard's Department of Afro-American Studies, suggested Kanye to read more about the history of black people. "I have some books for him," he wrote, followed by the hashtag #TheMiseducationOfTheNegro.

Another professor at the school, Keneshia Grant, expressed his concern about Kanye's Sunday Service, "This Kayne [sic] church thing makes me uncomfortable. There, I said it." Writer Frederick Joseph said people should stop giving Kanye a chance to do this again, "Can't blame Kanye anymore, he's shown us who he is. Black people need to stop making space for his anti-Blackness."

"The amount of stupidity. It's exhausting," someone else added, while another user called him an "Ignorant mutherf**ker." Another commenter wrote, "He really trash af. And we gotta let him go. Idc what classics he made. He clearly talking down about our ancestors at an hbcu homecoming."

Some others pointed out his problematic support for President Donald Trump. "The irony of this statement is every black person dodged the Trump net and he went and ran up under it when he saw the rest of us weren't in it," one wrote.

Another added, "It was time when he was selling confederate flag merch at his concerts years ago. Or when he said at his concert he didn't vote, but would've voted for Trump. Or the first time he wore that red hat. Or... people choose when they've had enough. Some never will. This is his brand."

Howard University has not released an official statement regarding Kanye's controversial slavery remark, while the hip-hop star has not reacted to the backlash.

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