Transgender Comedienne Commits Suicide After Being Referenced in Dave Chappelle's Transphobic Jokes

Daphne Dorman, whom Dave claimed was 'laughing the hardest' at his jokes, left a heartbreaking suicide note on her Facebook account before she passed away on Friday, October 11.

AceShowbiz - Daphne Dorman, a transgender comedienne whom Dave Chappelle was referencing to in his recent Netflix special "Sticks & Stones", died by suicide on Friday, October 11. The Office of Transgender Initiatives for the City & County of San Francisco confirmed the sad news on Twitter.

"To our TGNC community, we love you. We are saddened to learn about of loss of Daphne Dorman today who was a beloved community member," read the tweet. "If you need support, please reach out to @TransLifeline and @TRANSTHRIVE will be open for drop ins today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday)."

Hours before news of her passing circulated online, Daphne posted on her Facebook page what sounded like a suicide note. "I'm sorry. I've thought about this a lot before this morning," she wrote in the heartbreaking goodbye message. "How do you say 'goodbye' and 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' to all the beautiful souls you know? For the last time. There's no good way. That's what I got out of all that thought."

She asked for an apology, adding, "To those of you who are mad at me: please forgive me. To those of you who wonder if you failed me: you didn't. To those of you feel like I failed you: I did and I'm sorry and I hope you'll remember me in better times and better light."

She also left a message to her daughter, Naia. "I love you all. I'm sorry. Please help my daughter, Naia, understand that none of this is her fault. Please remind her that I loved her with every fiber of my being," she concluded the post.

In a "hidden extra" of the Netflix special, Dave talked about becoming friends with a transgender woman. He claimed that Daphne was "laughing the hardest" at his jokes when he tested his trans-based jokes on, though some people called the jokes offensive.

Daphne confirmed that she was the person Dave was referring to and changed her Twitter profile to reflect it. "Yep, I'm the Daphne that Dave Chappelle is talking about in Sticks & Stones," she wrote, adding, "Actress. Activist. Author. Advocate. Amazon."

While Dave was chastised for his transphobic jokes, Daphne defended him. She posted on Twitter in August, "Punching down requires you to consider yourself superior to another group. @DaveChappelle doesn't consider himself better than me in any way. He isn't punching up or punching down. He's punching lines. That's his job and he's a master of his craft."

Daphne was also a software engineer and held at senior position at Vineti, a software automation and analytics company for cell and gene therapies, prior to her passing.

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