Rapper Jah Diah Publicly Admits to Dating a Transgender

The couple's love declaration receives mixed responses from fellow social media users as some people are confused about the gender of Jah's girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Jah Diah has come out with his relationship with a transgender. The popular hip-hop star took to Instagram on Sunday, October 6 to flaunt his romance with his new girlfriend Franky, sharing a picture of the two posing at a gas station.

The couple smiled and stared lovingly at each other while wrapping their hands around one another. Jah captioned the photo, which was apparently taken while they were in Tallahassee, Florida, "My past ain't pretty but my lady is."

Posting the same image on her own Twitter page, Franky gave a little hint at how love blossomed between the two. "Started out as close friends..," she wrote. She also posted the photo on her Instagram page, adding an NSFW caption which read, "He f**k with me like Martin f**k with Gina."

The couple has since received many supportive messages from their followers, with one writing, "Too cute! Franky is gorgeous." Another added, "Waiting forever for this." A third user commented, "Yassss I'm so happy ! I knew it was gone happen."

However, there are a few who are confused about the gender of Jah's girlfriend, who has openly admitted she's a transgender. "Hey, yall i have a question so is Franky Frank a girl? Because last time I went on her channel (calling her by female pronouns bc im assumimg she is trans) She said she is not trans and prefers to be called by male pronouns, correct me if im wrong. I am no way shape or form disrespecting Franky or her boyfriend :) btw im only 13 so i might mix somethings up!!" one inquired.

Pointing out the same thing, a Twitter user posted, "I think she used to be a boy." Another user replied, "Aint no used. Still is."

Another person clapped back at those who loathed the couple's relationship, "So much negativity energy why can't y'all just love and support y'all ppl they beautiful either way that's a WOMEN A QUEEN NOT A MAN let them be ppl change everyday it's life don't be hater be lovers @_frankyfraank @jahdiah305 love is love no matter the person or what they are or got between they legs shouldn't down ppl cu what comes around goes."

Jay previously declared he's a gay man, releasing music that reflected his sexual preference at the time. But last year, the Atlanta artist surprised his fans by claiming that he "was no longer gay" and has since performed as a straight male rapper.

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