'Black Ink Crew' Star Sky Days Breaks Silence After Getting Caught Going Off on Taxi Driver

In the video that has been circulating online, the tattoo artist and reality TV star can be seen telling her bodyguard to beat up the taxi driver after having an argument.

AceShowbiz - Sky Days made headlines over the weekend when she was caught in a video going off on a taxi driver who cut her off in traffic in New York City. However, as the video only captured the moment when the reality TV star and the cab driver having an argument, it appears Sky felt the need to clarify the incident before people started getting the wrong idea.

In the said video, which was obtained by TMZ, the "Black Ink Crew" star was seen arguing with the driver on Friday afternoon, October 4 on Madison Eve. Even though it's unclear what the two were arguing about, Sky at one point was yelling, "That's right motherf***er!" right in front of the driver's face. Then, things started getting physical when her bodyguard forcefully pushed the driver as Sky told her bodyguard, "Beat his a**!!!"

Later on Monday, Sky took to Instagram to address the incident, noting that the "video floating around featuring the taxi driver and I exchange of words is being misconstrued." She then detailed what actually happened that day, "The driver, recklessly hits myself and my loved ones... We attempted a peaceful resolution and he jumped off the deep end which caused me to react."

"If you know me, my love for people runs deep. In no way shape or form do I think my reaction was perfect. It was provoked," Sky continued saying. "I do want it to be known, being from New York, my love for taxi drivers and the public transportation system runs deep. It's been more pleasant run ins than not. Either way, I'm moving in from this situation knowing I could've handled it better."

Sky Days is mostly known for starring on VH1's "Black Ink Crew", which documents the lives and interactions of tattoo artists and their team who keep the shop running and the drama high. She's shown to be hot-tempered, rambunctious, out-spoken and sometimes crass on the show.

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