'LHH: Miami' Star Bobby Lytes Gets Ridiculed Over His New Outfit: 'He Looks Like Snapchat Filter'

Some others, meanwhile, compare the rapper and reality TV star to 'a bag of extra flaming hot cheetos,' with one person joking, 'Somebody call the fire department.'

AceShowbiz - Bobby Lytes has never been afraid to be eccentric whenever and wherever he goes, though it appears his latest choice of outfit has become the butt of the jokes on the Internet. The "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star got ridiculed after he shared on Instagram some photos and videos of him wearing the outfit that made people thought he's on "fire."

Covering almost his whole body, the outfit featured flames pattern and had black straps on his chest. It also came with a half-face mask that had the same pattern as his clothes. In some photos, the reality TV star was seen pairing the unique look with a pair of matching shades. "REAL HOT BOY S**T," Bobby captioned one of the posts.

Instead of praises, Bobby was greeted with people mocking his appearance. "Somebody call the fire department," someone joked, with one similarly saying, "Somebody come put this fire out, it's starting to get outta control." Another, meanwhile, dubbed him "a bag of extra flaming hot cheetos," with some people agreeing. There was also one who said, "When Khia said he was burning I aint know she meant literally lord."

Some others reminded him that it's still "too early for Halloween," as one person quipped, "When God say 'nah' and hit the trap floor door." There were also some people who thought "this was a full body Snapchat filter." On the other hand, an individual pointed out, "He looks like he sewed together a bunch of book covers."

This arrived after Bobby was arrested in late last month after he got into a fight at a Fort Lauderdale night club. He was hit with one disorderly conduct charge as well as one charge of failure to obey a police officer.

Following his arrest, he posted on social media, "See!! This is the price of fame. Or popularity. Everybody in your business. One thing about this industry it will tear you into pieces if you ALLOW IT, I know that I am in the eye of the public and this is what comes with it. So what I'm gonna do rock this b***h! Can't nobody or anything break me!!!"

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