Selena Gomez and Niall Horan Pictured at Dinner Together - Dating?

Fans have been shipping the 'Hands to Myself' songstress and the 'Slow Hands' crooner again after they were photographed during a group dinner with some friends.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez and Niall Horan recently sparked new romance rumors after the two were spotted going out for dinner together. The former Disney darling and the One Direction member were photographed with their friends during a group dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 3.

In a picture shared by one of their mutual friends, Courtney Lopez, on Instagram, Niall stood next to Selena with his arm around her shoulder. Adding fuel to the speculation, Selena has helped promote the Irish singer/songwriter's new song "Nice to Meet Ya" on her Instagram Stories. "This came out like 5 mins ago," she wrote in the post, "and I'm pretty sure you need to download."

Fans have since been shipping the two singers, who were first rumored to be an item back in 2015. "tea is selena doesn't need a man, but niall would be so good for her. most of the guys she's been with have been shitty in one way or another and niall is the sweetest. they're on a similar wavelength. niallena RISE," one reacted to the possible pairing.

Another commented on the rumored couple, "Selena gonna end up marrying Niall." A fan of the supposed pair added, "In my head Selena and Niall are fucking married, with 2 children a cat and a dog." Another begged, "Pleaaase pleaaase selena deserves a gentleman like niall. please make it happen."

But fans' wish is unlikely to come true anytime soon. A source tells E! News that there's nothing going on between the two despite chatter regarding their recent sighting together. "Selena and Niall are not dating and have been hanging out as friends," a so-called insider claims.

"They have always been good friends and have kept in touch throughout the years," the source adds. "They both always have been very supportive of each other's music and have talked about collaborating before."

Back in 2015, Selena and Niall were reportedly packing on the PDA at Jenna Dewan's 35th birthday party. "Selena and Niall came together and were seen kissing," an eyewitness told E! News at the time. "They were seen making out by a handful of people. Selena seemed super into it. And Niall even more so." The two never publicly confirmed their relationship, though.

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