Millie Bobby Brown Reasons Why It Is Important to Block Out 'Toxic People'

When interviewed at the Pandora Me Charm Academy in New York, the 'Stranger Things' actress opens up about the keys to finding one's self-confidence and self-love.

AceShowbiz - Millie Bobby Brown has no time for negativity in her busy life.

The "Stranger Things" actress has been famous since the age of 12 thanks to her role as Eleven in the hit Netflix series and has faced her fair share of public scrutiny on social media - including last month (September 2019), when she posted video of herself on Instagram apparently using products from her new vegan skincare line, Florence by Mills, including a face wash.

Some fans immediately commented on the footage, suggesting they weren't convinced the teen star really used the items at all.

"Is it me or did she really use the products on her face? Her eye makeup is still on," wrote one person, while another commented, "She still has eye liner on tho? Do we keep eye makeup on when we wash our face?"

Speaking to Seventeen magazine at the Pandora Me Charm Academy in New York on Friday (October 04), the 15-year-old insisted she's doing all she can to block out the haters and focus on her wellbeing.

"I block out all negativity in my life, so anyone or anything that's getting in the way of me being happy will no longer be in my life," she insisted. "And I think that toxic people - people that don't just genuinely make you happy - you need to block out and, obviously, negativity on social media is not healthy."

Millie went on to share that doing what makes you happy is the key to feeling fulfilled, adding, "You need to put yourself in a happy space."

"Make sure that you love yourself and that you're doing things that are ultimately going to make you happy," she explained. "Once you do that first, then you will find your self-confidence and self-love throughout all of that journey."

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