Bow Wow Trolled for Urging People Not to Call Him 'Basic' After Hanging Out With Bill Clinton

Taking to Twitter, the 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta' star tells his followers, 'pls dont include me in anything regular or basic any more,' after hanging out with the former POTUS.

AceShowbiz - Bow Wow was among those who attended the premiere of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta on Saturday night, October 5, and he would likely remember his appearance at the event for the rest of his life as he was able to meet someone he respected. Taking to Twitter after the event, the rapper and reality TV star claimed that he hung out with former POTUS Bill Clinton.

He said on the site, "After this tyler perry party I just witnessed... pls dont include me in anything regular or basic any more. I was hanging will (sic) bill clinton. The price just just went up!" To prove that he wasn't lying about meeting Clinton, the "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta" star shared on his Instagram account a photo of him with the politician.

In the picture, Bow Wow and Clinton could be seen shaking hands as they flashed a smile to the camera. Both of them looked dapper in classic black suits. "Crazy how I went from learning about the presidents in school, to actually partying with them. This was an honor," he wrote in the caption of the post.

But rather than feeling impressed, people used this opportunity to troll Bow Wow since they think that he's still "basic." One wrote, "But he still sounds like low class," while another said, "Bill was probably like, 'Nice to meet you. Lil Woof Woof right?' " Someone said that he probably edited the picture as saying, "I know how to use Photoshop too." One other noted, "Okay so congrats you went from a celebrity to a fan."

"You was hanging with bill through somebody else hard work lmfaooooo you really think you getting that opportunity again?" one person said. "Nobody was even including him in the basics tho," a user pointed out, with one individual chiming in, "Sir if anything you brought the price down!!"

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