Megan Thee Stallion Fiercely Hits Back at Troll Telling Her to Get Nose Job

Commenting underneath a series of photos of the 'Hot Girl Summer' rapper with her dog 4oe, one Twitter user says, 'I like that your natural and things but please get a nose job.'

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion is proud of her natural body and doesn't have any plans to change it even in the slightest bit. Thus, when someone directly told her to go under the knife, the female emcee couldn't help but hit back at the said person.

It all started after Megan shared on Twitter a series of photos of herself with her dog 4oe. While a lot of people were gushing over how hot she looked in the pictures, one person believed the Hot Girl Summer could look even more beautiful if she gets plastic surgery. "I like that your natural and things but please get a nose job," so the person said underneath the images.

The comment didn't go unnoticed by Megan, who was quick to hit back by simply replying, "Please eat a d**k." The "Big Ole Freak" hitmaker additionally put a smiling face with smiling eyes emoji in her comment.

Some fans have also come to Megan's defense. "The nerve of people. Can't please people huh," one said. "When you do is a problem when you don't it's still a problem. That's why you're to just do you and be happy with yourself. Self love matters." Another wrote, "Nothing wrong with Meg's face. What is wrong with people? She would have never said this to her face, but it's so cute to try and be tough on the Internet."

"Y'all better leave meg alone. Y'all mad cause she fine as f**k & her body is on point," someone else commented, while an individual offered a lengthy response, "Get a nose job for what? That's y'all problem now. Then the first thing y'all will say is she ain't 100& real with that nose job she got. Get your face cut up if that's what you want to do. Leave people alone. And it be the funny looking mofos that always have advice on someone's appearance."

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