Iggy Azalea Snaps at Trolls While Defending Her American Status: 'It Is My Country'

This is not the first time for the 'Fancy' rapper to say that America is her home as she previously alluded that she was happier living in the U.S. compared to her native country Australia.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea is a proud American. The raptress hit back at Internet troll who didn't acknowledge her status as American after moving from her native country Australia to the U.S. when she was 16.

On Wednesday, October 2, the "Fancy" hitmaker took aim at a fan on Twitter who told her that America wasn't her country. "May you help a Democrat win, i knownits [sic] not your country but hey, trolls gonna troll," the account wrote, to which Iggy responded, "But it is my country. I have a green card and pay taxes just like you babe."

Iggy Azalea defends her American status

Iggy Azalea calls America is her country.

Another fan commented about how s/he noticed that the Sydney-born star had been "snappin on twitter lately." The comment didn't go unnoticed by the raptress, who then explained, "I just don't like even when it's not said maliciously that some Americans can't get their head around the idea immigrants are also Americans."

Iggy Azalea lectures fans about immigrants

The raptress insists that 'immigrants are also Americans.'

This is not the first time for Iggy to say that America is her home. Back in January 2016, she alluded in an interview with Herald Sun that she was happier living in the U.S. compared to her native country Australia. "I mean, to be honest with you, my home is in America. It's great to come back [to Australia] and visit my grandparents, but there is no home connection."

However, she assured that she had no hard feelings towards Australia. "I do like Australia, a lot of people think I hate it," she said during her appearance in a YouTube video with James Charles earlier this year. However, she admitted that "I don't really like to go back, it's just not for me full time!" adding, "I would just never be able to live there, because it's just too slow paced for me and it's not ridiculous enough!"

Despite that, Iggy claimed that Australia is a good country for a vacation. "I would love to take a vacation there and I would recommend anyone go visit," she shared.

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