Summer Walker Trolled Over Her Super Slim Waist: 'Can She Breathe?'

For her interview with Billboard, the 'Girls Need Love' rapper opts for a black-and-red corset that helps her show off her ample cleavage while pairing it up with gray shorts.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker recently sat down with Billboard for an interview. But rather than listening to what the rapper said, people were more focused on her waist that looked incredibly slim and made them wonder whether she had a hard time breathing.

For her interview with the music publication, Summer opted for a black-and-red corset that helped her show off her ample cleavage while pairing it up with gray shorts. Letting her raven hair down, the "Girls Need Love" female emcee additionally wore specs, a silver necklace as well as a pair of pink heels.

Soon after a video from the interview was posted online, many couldn't stop talking about how slim her waist looked. "Wait a damn minute now... *zooms in* Alexa play Toni Braxton Breathe Again," one jokingly said, as someone noted that her waist "is way too much." There were people who pointed out that she "looked uncomfortable," while an individual commented, "She could barely move a muscle nvm breathe."

"Can she breathe?" someone else simply asked, with one other jokingly wondering, "Where's the rest of her body?" When one person said, "She can barely talk with that thing on," another chimed in, "Yesss that s**t catching every other breath." A user reminded her, "Sis you gonna kill yourself trying to achieve a bacon waist."

Her waist aside, Summer talked about wide-range of topics during the interview, including her backstage rituals before performing. "I fart," she joked, before adding, "My backstage ritual is flatulence." When asked how did he enlisted Drake for the remix of "Girls Need Love", the femcee said, "I think he slid into the DMs and was like, 'I saw your video on a bowling alley monitor. Thought it was cool.' And then Justice made me ask him and he said yes."

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