Rami Malek Opens Up About Having to Say Goodbye to 'Mr. Robot'
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During an appearance on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' star describes Elliot Alderson as 'a character that has hit me in my heart and affected so many people.'

AceShowbiz - Rami Malek is "so sad" Mr. Robot, the TV series that made him famous, is coming to an end.

The show began in 2015 and led to him landing his Oscar-winning role as Queen's Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody", but now it's coming to a close with the fourth and final season launching in the U.S. on October 6.

And Rami isn't ready to say farewell to his tech nerd alter ego.

"He (Elliot Alderson) has been a character that has hit me in my heart and affected so many people over the years all over the world - a guy who's alienated, ostracised, suffering with a lot of issues, and somehow found it in him to say, 'I can change the world'," he told "Live with Kelly and Ryan" on Tuesday, October 1. "So he has had a lasting effect on me and hopefully the world at large."

There are some things he won't miss, though - like the outfit he wore for almost every episode.

"I got to wear the same costume every day on that show," he laughed. "I packed up all my stuff (when filming ended) and sent everything to my mum's house. She... took out the hoodie from Mr. Robot. It had a patina to it, holes, and wear and tear. And she goes, 'Here, honey, I've cleaned it up for you.' And she had sewn everything... Adorable! I could only smile."

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