Twitter Drags 'LHH: Hollywood' Star K. Michelle for Trash-Talking Best Friend Moniece Slaughter

The fact that Michelle throws Moniece under the bus angers fans as it's known to everyone that Moniece has been the former's best friend and supporter on the VH1 show since day one.

AceShowbiz - K. Michelle started another drama in the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" season 6. The singer set tongues wagging after she trashed fellow cast members Moniece Slaughter and Apryl Jones for their struggling singing career and appeared to criticize their skills behind the mic.

Michelle shared in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked that she didn't understand why Jason Lee hired Apryl, adding that the reason of it might be because Apryl's pretty. Later, Jason asked Michelle if she would ever ask Apryl and Moniece on her tour, to which she responded, "Hell no."

As if that was not enough, Michelle seemingly wasn't convinced that the two were even serious about a music career.

The fact that Michelle threw Moniece under the bus angered fans as it's known to everyone that Moniece has been the former's best friend and supporter on the VH1 show since day one. "If people don't realize K. Michelle is nobody's friend and is toxic & miserable af, I don't know when they'll get it. She's a trash ass friend, period. Elle Varner, Jonathan, and now Moniece. There's a common denominator and pattern, her BS," one person wrote on Twitter.

Calling Michelle a "problematic woman," anoher user wrote, "K. Michelle always yelling about loyalty & friendship just to throw Moniece under the bus when she was the only one present during her surgery. That's is one extremely hurt & problematic woman." Meanwhile, one other wrote, "Michelle is not a good friend to Moniece. K automicstally shut down the subject of Moniece music career when Moniece bought it up, but yet when K was talking about her surrogate Moniece sat there and listened closely and was understanding."

Seemingly having had enough with Michelle, one fan said, "Ok…. K michelle everybody knows you can sing ya a** off ….BUT you out here clowning Moniece and Apryl about their singing u talking down on them saying who can take them serious but yet you want so badly for them to accept and take YOU serious in country #LHHH."

"K Michelle that is messed up with how you doing moniece though last season during your surgery she was the only one that came and visited you when nobody else did now you giving her your a** to kiss without even hearing her out that's messed up," one other called out Michelle. Another fan, meanwhile, was confused as to where she actually stood. "K Michelle why aren't you talking to Moniece when I thought that she was your friend? #LHHHollywood."

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