Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Allegedly Reconcile After Cheating Scandal

However, according to a so-called friend of Khloe, she doesn't want to go public with their rekindled romance yet because she 'doesn't want any more embarrassment.'

AceShowbiz - This might explain why Tristan Thompson has been leaving flirty comments to Khloe Kardashian as of late. Rumor has it, the exes are now back together less than a year after calling it quits. However, it's reported that the fashion mogul and the Canadian athlete are keeping their rekindled romance lowkey until they're ready to go public again.

Claiming that the pair are "taking it slowly" this time around, one of Khloe's friends tells MTO News, "Khloe wants her family back, but she wants to make sure that Tristan is ready to commit before she goes public." This is because the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star "doesn't want any more embarrassment," referring to the cheating scandal surrounding the couple.

The so-called pal then notes that things are going good between them, adding that Khloe and Tristan are "doing well."

Months after their drama-filled split, Tristan has left a couple of flirty comments underneath Khloe's posts on Instagram. This, obviously, made some of her fans mad at him for not leaving her alone after all he did to her. However, some others started speculating that his comments might be a hint that the two had rekindled their romance.

Their speculation grew stronger when the Cleveland Cavaliers star posted on Instagram Stories a photo of a cake with Oreo topping. Tristan never revealed who gave him the cake, but looking at the background of his photo, some suspected that it was taken at Khloe's home. Besides, the mother of one revealed on the photo-sharing site that she had been learning how to bake.

Many unsurprisingly sounded off about their alleged reunion. "I can never love a man this much who has humiliated me numerous times. He is the biggest cornball. I bet she say its from baby True," one said. One other wrote, "B***hes be dumb over their BD everyday. I could nevaaaa but I don't have kids so ima hush," as another speculated, "That N***a will embarrass her again and again."

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