Watch Keke Palmer's Hilarious Reaction When Ruby Rose Calls Her Out for Ghosting Her

Recalling the moment when stopping by 'Strahan, Sara and Keke', the 'Batwoman' actress jokingly says that being ghosted by the 'Hustlers' star had 'traumatized me to my core.'

AceShowbiz - Ruby Rose had a not-so-nice moment with Keke Palmer during an award show. Stopping by "Strahan, Sara and Keke" on Tuesday, October 1, the "Batwoman" actress recalled the moment when the 26-year-old actress was ghosting her when she was giving a "heartfelt" speech at the event.

While Keke felt she enjoyed a really good time together with Ruby that night, the Australian actress admitted to remembering their moment "kinda differently." Recalling the time she picked up an award from Taylor Swift, Ruby said, "I had some people at my table, you're at my table, which was nice, and I gave like this big, like heartfelt, speech and I think I even like teared up and you wouldn't know because when I go back to my table she was gone."

Keke was noticeably shocked after hearing that, so did her co-hosts Michael Strahan and Sarah Haines. Ruby then added, "I sat next to this empty seat," before bringing an empty seat next to get back at Keke. "It traumatized me to my core, so I brought an empty seat with me so that no one else make me feel like that again," she jokingly said.

In response, Keke hilariously told the 33-year-old, "You must be a Scorpio," to which Ruby denied right away as she revealed that she's a Pisces and explained that she's a really sensitive person. The "Hustlers" star then hit back, "I'm hurt now."

Elsewhere on the talk show, Ruby talked about her emergency surgery on her spine after a series of stunts left her with two herniated discs. She detailed, "So they sliced into my neck like a PEZ dispenser it's pretty. I have like a cute little scar. I really wanted to get a little Pez coming out. I thought it was funny, but it's really funny."

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