Jada Pinkett Smith and Mom 'Appalled' After Chelsea Handler Confesses to Slapping Black Woman's Butt
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In the latest episode of 'Red Table Talk', the blonde beauty recalls the time when she slapped a black woman on the butt to compliment her for her 'beautiful' performance.

AceShowbiz - Jada Pinkett Smith and her mom, Adrienne Banfield Norris, couldn't hide their shock after hearing Chelsea Handler's confession. In the latest episode of "Red Table Talk", the three ladies were talking about white privileges when the comedienne recalled the moment when she slapped a black woman on the butt without knowing that it would be deemed as offensive.

Calling the incident a "learning point" for her, Chelsea remembered, "This black woman was standing up singing a song and I went up to her and said, 'Oh my God that was beautiful,' and I slapped her on the butt." Hearing this, both Jada and Adrienne reacted with complete and utter horror, with the latter admitting to feeling "shocked and appalled right now." Chelsea then noted that the black woman was also shocked at the time.

"She said, 'Black women have been defined by their hair and their a***es for ages. You have no right to touch my body," she recalled. "She said it's not about the intention. It's about the reception. I smack everybody on the a**. I smack my sisters. I shouldn't be. I shouldn't be smacking anybody on their body because it's disrespectful because I'm not taking into account other people's experiences. That was another light bulb moment. It doesn't matter if you didn't mean anything by it, it was received that way."

Adrienne couldn't hide her frustration after listening to Chelsea's story, calling it "classic white privilege." She added, "It's a total unawareness that for me and my generation, that we are very, very impatient now. While you're asking me to be compassionate, I'm like, girl, bye with that s**t." Chelsea, in response, said she could understand why Adrienne was upset. "I understand that you're fed up, I would be too," the 44-year-old star told her.

Elsewhere in the episode, Chelsea talked about her other white privileges and admitted that she would not have a career if she weren't white. "A black girl would never have gotten her own show for telling celebrities how stupid they were," she said. "You are the beneficiary of white privilege to such a degree, you are the 'American White Dream.' "

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