Joe Giudice Not Bothered Teresa Was Spotted With Another Man During L.A. Trip
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The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star reportedly laughs off the dating speculation since the man in question is her brother's old friend and 'is like another brother to her.'

AceShowbiz - With Joe Giudice having been separated from his family for more than three years now following his jail stint and his current ICE custody, people are often quick to jump to conclusion about Teresa Giudice's love life whenever she's spotted with another man. Most recently, a speculation arose about the reality TV star's relationship with a mystery man whom she was spotted talking with and hugging at the Eternal Beauty event in Beverly Hills, CA at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center on Thursday, September 26.

But according to HollywoodLife, Teresa's relationship with the man in question is nothing more than just friends. A source tells the site, "Teresa finds it laughable that people think she's dating the man she was photographed with during her trip to Los Angeles, because he is like another brother to her."

Revealing the identity of the mystery man, the source adds, "His name is Louis Todaro and he lives in L.A. and is her brother's very good friend from high school. She's known him for years. There are even pictures of him with her daughters and he has a girlfriend who was with him that night, too. They grew up together."

The source goes on explaining about Teresa's trip to Los Angeles last week, "Teresa did not come to town looking for a man. She wanted to see Louis so she invited him to the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Eternal Beauty Event and people wondered who he was and if she was seeing someone, but that didn't phase her at all. He's a great friend of the family."

As to how Teresa's husband reacted to her sighting with another man at the Beverly Hills event, the source says Joe hasn't heard about it, but that may not affect him anyway. "Joe has no idea what's going on because he's on the inside, but this wouldn't bother him at all," so the source claims.

Joe has been held at the Clinton County Correctional Center in Lock Haven, Pa. since he was released from federal prison in March 2019, after completing his 41-month sentence for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud. He has appealed the deportation decision more than once, and is currently waiting for the final decision.

He recently asked to be sent back to Italy temporarily while waiting for the final decision on his deportation appeal. According to his lawyer, Joe wants to "begin working and contributing financially to his wife and four young children."

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