Ginger Baker's Family Assures Fans Drummer Is 'Holding His Own'

When offering an update on the Cream founder's condition days after revealing he was 'critically ill' in the hospital, his family expresses gratitude for all of the good wishes.

AceShowbiz - Cream rocker Ginger Baker's family have assured fans the drummer is "holding his own" as he battles his latest health emergency.

Family members asked fans to pray for the 80 year old after revealing he was "critically ill" in the hospital last week, September 27.

But, on Sunday, they took to social media to thank fans for their "good wishes".

"UPDATE! Ginger is holding his own & thank you for all your good wishes," a post on his official Twitter feed reads. "He is receiving visits from close family & very special friends".

Ginger Baker is holding his own

Ginger Baker shared an update on his condition.

It is still not known why Ginger is in the hospital, but he has been struggling with health issues for years - in 2013 he announced he had been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease caused by decades of smoking. He has also battled chronic back pain as a result of degenerative osteoarthritis, and in 2016 he underwent open-heart surgery.

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