Amanda Seales Is 'Humiliated' After Getting Kicked Out of Black Emmys Party by a White Woman

Documenting the incident on Instagram Stories, the 'Bring the Funny' host says the white woman asks four security guards to come and escort her out of the bash.

AceShowbiz - Amanda Seales just wanted to have fun celebrating black people's achievements at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, only to be denied entry at the party. The "Bring the Funny" host took to Instagram Stories on Sunday night, September 22 to share a series of videos documenting the "humiliating" incident.

In one video, Amanda revealed that the one who kicked her out from the party was a white woman. She said in the video, "For the record, I was being denied entry to the black people's Emmys party, and it's a white woman telling me I can't go in." It was surely confusing for Amanda, because she said that she had been invited to the party by Jesse Williams. "But I'm fine," the comedian later assured her followers.

Despite that, it appeared she still forced her way in but was soon being escorted out of the bash by four security guards. "This security is escorting me out of the black Emmys party. That's what's happening. I'm not being granted entrance at the black Emmys party in Hollywood," Amanda said while panning the camera to show the face of one of the guards, before the "Insecure" star vented her frustration in a separate video, "This is just to remind you all, that like, it doesn't really matter how hard you work or how good of a person you are, you're just going to end up as some bulls**t."

"I literally was humiliated just now because four security guards were asked to come and remove me from a party that is supposed to honor black people at the Emmys," she continued, choking up. "And it was a white woman named Kiara who made it her business to do this. I'm not gonna cry, though. I'm not gonna cry."

Details of the incident still remains to be seen, though there are speculations going around saying that Issa Rae was the one who got her kicked out. This speculation arose after some fans noticed that Amanda is no longer following the 34-year-old on Instagram.

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