Aaron Carter Begs to Be Left Alone, Accuses Nick of Trying to Control Him

Days after his siblings filed a restraining order against him, the 'I Want Candy' hitmaker tells his followers in a lengthy note on social media that all he wants is love.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter has thanked fans for their support with a lengthy post on social media, as he slammed his brother Nick Carter for trying to "control" him with recent allegations.

The Backstreet Boys star filed for protection against his brother last Monday, September 16, claiming Aaron had told his sister he harboured "thoughts of killing babies" during a recent FaceTime chat. Aaron's twin sister Angel Conrad later requested a similar restraining order.

On Sunday night, September 22, the "I Want Candy" hitmaker, who has recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, manic depression and acute anxiety, asked his social media followers to read a lengthy note he posted on Twitter, as he provided an update about the situation.

"I'm well aware many of you have shown concern for me over the past few weeks," the embattled star penned. "Having people who genuinely care for you is something that should never be taken for granted. For as long as I can remember, I've chased unconditional love and hoped for true stability in my family. I've spent most of my adult life seeking validation from these same people."

"I started to get a chip on my shoulder when I kept coming up short on something that doesn't cost a thing. LOVE. All I want is Love," Aaron continued. "What has transpired recently does not represent my true wants or needs. I've been fighting fire with fire, something I still need to work on. Some have pointed and laughed, but many many more have shown genuine support for what I've been vulnerable enough to share."

Assuring fans he's "okay," the musician went on to insist he "never had thoughts of causing anyone pain, let alone taking anyone's life," and slammed his siblings for trying to "control" him with their allegations against him.

"What's actually more hurtful though, is knowing how effected (sic) my innocent nieces and nephews will be by choices the adults around them have made," the "I'm All About You" star added. "With that in mind, I ask everyone to please leave me alone and let the legal system do their thing."

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