BTS' Jungkook Rumored Dating a Tattoo Artist - Here's Big Hit's Response

The label representing the K-Pop idol and his group threatens legal action against those who spread the rumors after leaked CCTV pictures showed someone who looked like Jungkook hugged a woman.

AceShowbiz - Big Hit Entertainment has responded after one of its artists, Jungkook of BTS a.k.a. Bangtan Boys, was caught up in dating rumors. The label released a statement on Tuesday, September 17 (local time) to shut down the speculations.

"Big Hit Entertainment would like to make it clear that the claims regarding our artist, Jungkook, that are being made on social media right now are not true," the statement began. "Jungkook found out that his friends from a tattoo shop were in the area while he was visiting Geoje Island during his vacation. Jungkook met with his friends from the tattoo shop and his friends on Geoje Island, and together, they went to a karaoke room. After that is what has been distorted from the truth."

"We regret that such trivial matters of out artist’s personal life during his vacation became so distorted," the label added, threatening to take legal action against those who violated Jungkook's privacy and spread the rumors. "We will be taking legal action against the leak of private information and violation of privacy after investigating whether the CCTV footage was leaked or illegally filmed. In addition, we will also take legal action against those who spread false information with no exceptions."

Previously, leaked CCTV pictures showed someone who looked like the 22-year-old singer getting cozy with a woman. He was seen wrapping his hands around her. Another photo taken from another day featured Jungkook and the girl in question, who is revealed to be tattoo artist Lee Mijoo, having drinks together.

BTS' Jungkook Rumored Dating a Tattoo Artist

CCTV picture shows someone who looks like Jungkook with a woman.

BTS' Jungkook Rumored Dating a Tattoo Artist

The BTS member is picture having drinks with tattoo artist Lee Mijoo.

Some fans attempted to debunk the rumors by stating that Lee Mijoo is already married. "She ain't jk girlfriend she's married b***hes she did his tattoos for him," one wrote. Another said, "lmfao yall this is why you should stop spreading bs rumours and constantly tryna invade their privacy . the girl you thought was jungkook's girlfriend is married sksk."

Another ARMY said Lee Mijoo is not married, but she does have a boyfriend and that boyfriend is not Jungkook. "Jungkook is just a friend," a so-called friend of Lee Mijoo responded to a fan's inquiry about the dating rumors.

Meanwhile, rapper Hash Swan has denied that he's the man in the CCTV photo, after some speculated that it was him and not Jungkook. People claimed it was Hash Swan in the photos because of their similar hairstyle.

However, people began to criticize him, mocking that he would now claim his face looks like Jungkook. "I bet that Hash Swan guy is gunna start writing lyrics like I told I look like BTS's Jungkook," one joked.

Clapping back at those Internet trolls, Hash Swan wrote, "No, look here. I don't plan on using the name of an artist who's doing well abroad. I'm not a stupid f**ker like you so I have a lot more things to talk about you idiot."

He added in a statement, "Let's stop. I hate the distorted news. I'm a musician and I hate that I'm getting searched because of this. People who told me not to worry about it, I'm really thankful. I've decided to think of this as a lesson to learn that there are a lot of people who like me."

Hash Swan said that he had no direct knowledge regarding Jungkook's dating reports. "I don't know the exact situation about the people involved, and honestly, neither the people involved or I have done anything wrong," he posted on Twitter. "I'm asking you, please respect the boundaries."

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