Farrah Abraham Chastised After Referring to 9/11 as '7-Eleven' in 'Tone-Deaf' Tribute

The former 'Teen Mom' star is slammed as 'disrespectful' for sharing a video of her and her daughter Sophia taking a tour of the One World Trade Center to mark the 18th anniversary of the tragedy.

AceShowbiz - Farrah Abraham has received more hate than love after trying to pay tribute on the 18th anniversary of 9/11. The former reality TV star posted on her YouTube channel a video of her and her daughter Sophia touring the One World Trade Center "in memory of the World Trade Center attacks," so she wrote in the video description.

"The one world observatory has done an amazing job of providing the best view of NYC , great fine dinning, education, history, and great experience," the 28-year-old gave her quick review of the place, before adding, "Much love to the families effected by the attacks."

The "Teen Mom" alum opened the video by explaining that she hoped her 10-year-old daughter learned about the devastating incident from their tour. However, fans noticed that Farrah mistakenly referred to the terrorist attack as "7-Eleven," as in the name of the popular chain of convenience stores.

" 'In observatory and everything of 7/11.' You can't even fake being smart like you faked your entire body. Please for the love of god just stop talking," one commented on the video. Another wrote in the comment section of the clip she shared on Instagram, "Its 9/11 not 711.. has the botox leaked into your brain."

Some others, meanwhile, called the video tribute "tone-deaf" and "disrespectful" since visiting the site of the tragedy could bring back the painful memory for some people. "Why are you filming in there you're not supposed to," one slammed the mother of one.

Another told her, "What the hell are you trying to do. Your the last person to do a rememberers for 9/11. Stop already." Someone else made it be known that he/she didn't like the video, "I know it's easy to pick holes in your videos but I have to say this one lacks respect. What did you actually learn about 9/11 outside what a spectacular view it was. Almost as bad as doing a selfie video at auschwitz."

"Are You Dumb, This Is By Far The Most Disrespectful Upload, You Have Insulted Any & Everyone Affected By The 9/11 Tragedy... Get Your Daughter A Proper Education," another commenter blasted Farrah. Someone else similarly said, "Dumber than a box! Sophia run! Your mom is your worst enemy! NOT A CELEBRATION AND NO FILMING in restricted ares. The RULES ARE STATED. NO MONETIZATION EITHER!"

Another took issue with the words Farrah used in the caption of her Instagram post, "If you want to 'enjoy the experience' of 7-11 you are in the wrong place." One other user told the star, "take this down !!! So many mistakes and insensitivity."

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