Fans Send Prayers to Jacquees After He's Involved in Car Accident

This marks the second time a star gets into a car accident this month, after Kevin Hart was rushed to hospital when his vehicle crashed into a ditch in Calabasas, California.

AceShowbiz - Another star has been involved in a car accident. On Tuesday night, September 10, Jacquees got his orange jeep crashed into another vehicle and one witness managed to record the crash and shared it online.

Judging by the video, it didn't look like the crash was fatal. Still, a lot of his fans were sending prayers for the rapper's well-being. "Man seems like there have been a lot of car accidents lately. Prayers," one said. "Prayers to him & everyone out here on these roads. TOO many accidents occurring recently & it's horrifying. PLEASE pay attention & be alert out here y'all."

Fortunately, the witness reported that Jacquees is doing fine after the crash. The "You Belong to Somebody Else" rapper himself has yet to break his silence on the incident. His latest social media post was shared last weekend, when he hit back at his haters, "I got real goals I'm tryna meet F**k yo opinions and yo Memes."

This marks the second time a star got into a car accident this month, Last week, Kevin Hart was rushed to hospital when his classic 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, in which he was a passenger, crashed into a ditch after the driver lost control of it in Calabasas, California. He fractured his spine in three places during the crash, two of which were in the thoratic section of his spine and another was in the lumbar.

The comedian is expected to make a full recovery, though "it's gonna be a long road back." Recently, it's been reported that he would be released from hospital on Wednesday, September 11. Kevin, however, won't be able to return home yet as he will reportedly head straight to an inpatient physical therapy facility. Sources claimed that he would spend around 1 to 2 weeks there before coming back home, as one insider said, "He's super eager to get out."

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