Farrah Abraham on Future Partner: He Has to Love My Daughter and Sign on NDA

The former '16 and Pregnant' star says in an interview that she isn't in hurry to have more kids, while her 10-year-old daughter Sophia is said to be wanting to have a baby brother.

AceShowbiz - Farrah Abraham is single and ready to mingle. The "Teen Mom" alum recently had a sit-down interview with Us Weekly in which she talked about the qualities she's looking for in her future partner.

"What am I looking for in a partner?" the 28-year-old said on Tuesday, September 10. "I would say a partner who is well-rounded, loves my daughter and loves dogs," she added, referring to her 10-year-old daughter Sophia whom she shares with late ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood.

Farrah went on saying she wanted it to be "just a good, fun, outgoing person." She added, "I'm sure all of us who are single, which there are so many of us, are looking for a great human being. But there's very few."

Despite all that, the former "16 and Pregnant" star said that she wasn't in hurry to have more kids. Sophia, meanwhile, was said to be wanting to have a baby brother. "Sophia really hopes that she gets a brother or sister. I just hope I meet a human who’s great enough to do that with," Farrah explained. "But I'm in no rush. I'm OK being married to myself at this point."

During the interview, the MTV personality revealed that she needed to be more careful with whom she was interacting with. "When it comes to dating now, especially after all my therapy and relationship therapy, I've just seen some really nasty things in men," she shared. "I definitely don't need anyone dating me anymore because I'm famous or I'm a celebrity. I take that really serious now."

"I definitely know what I'm looking at now when it comes to personalities and behavior and human behavior," she went on saying. "I don't take any chances anymore. They sign NDA. They're not allowed to call press or other people, be friends with reporters. I take it really serious."

Talking about how Sophia is her first priority, Farrah continued, "I discussed with her about being a celebrity in the limelight, and if a female acts like a male, it's treated way differently, as we've seen. I think Sophia understands the harshness and the unfairness and the sexist attitudes toward women when they act like males. Sophia will rise and be above that. She' definitely aware."

The "Celebrity Big Brother" alum also said that her daughter knew about her infamous 2013 sex tape with porn star James Deen. "I talk to her about me having sex with a pornstar, yes," she shared. "I'm a celebrity, so it was taken way out of context, wasn't it? It was sensationalized. So I think if you're confused about something, my daughter is very much not confused about how the world sees it."

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