Marie Osmond Choked Up While Talking About Being Parent-Shamed

During a discussion on 'The Talk', the 'Paper Roses' singer opens up about the public criticism she received for working a week after her son's funeral and for attending her gay daughter's wedding.

AceShowbiz - Marie Osmond is still reeling from the public shaming she received for working a week after her son's funeral.

The singer's child Michael Blosil committed suicide when he was 18 in 2010 and she returned to work days after burying her son, only to find critics disapproved of the way she was grieving.

"I've been shamed before," she said on "The Talk". "You know, if you take the topic of shame, you can say what you want about me, but when they start attacking your children or your family or those type of things, I think this world is into too much of this shaming thing."

"For example, when my son died, I chose to go to work a week after his funeral. And the people were so cruel, because of me choosing to show my children they had to keep living... It hurt my children more than anything that they would go through that."

Mother-of-five Marie was also taken aback by the public reaction to her daughter Jessica's recent wedding to wife Sara.

"Another thing recently is my daughter is gay, and I went to her wedding," the "Paper Roses" singer recalled. "She just got married. And people were shaming me because of supporting my daughter. And, you know, the thing is... you should never shame anyone... and I think especially for loving your child. Never you should shame someone."

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