Lamar Odom and GF Sabrina Parr to Have a Reality TV Show Together

Sabrina has also taken to her Instagram account to confirm the news, though she clarifies a few things about a few details of the forthcoming reality show which she says will be surprising.

AceShowbiz - Lamar Odom will be making a TV return. The former NBA star, however, will not be alone as he will be showcasing his romance with his girlfriend Sabrina Parr on a new show.

The basketball player revealed the plan on Monday, September 9 when photographers asked the lovebirds what they were filming. "Me and my girl, we have a new show. Sabrina & Lamar. Sabrina Parr is the star," the former Lakers star announced.

Not long after the news hit the web, Sabrina took to her Instagram account to confirm the news. However, she clarified a few things about a few details of the forthcoming reality show. "@lamarodom just can't hold water to save his life lol. The secrets out now tho," Sabrina said in her post, noting that "the show name is not Sabrina & Lamar lol."

"I'll tell y'all a quick story," she added. "From the day I met Lamar, he kept saying to me 'man you’re like a star.' Then every time ppl would come up to him to get a pic, he would say 'that's Sabrina Parr. She's the real star.' That's exactly how he's treated me since day one tho ... like I;m the star and I'm the one who should get all the attention! That's why he said this to the media. He truly feels that way. Meanwhile ... I'm just tryna wear my Nike hat and sweats in peace lol."

The personal trainer didn't give many details about the new show in her post. However, she did hint that "a lot of you will be surprised as to what exactly is gonna be included on the show." Fans in the comment section expressed their excitement with one user saying, "I'm watching! Congratulations, and don't forget to have Fun!!!! I don't know you personally, although, I shoulda purchased my tea from you years ago when I bugged you about it, but I truly wish you the best!!!"

This will be a new TV show for Lamar after "Khloe & Lamar", which premiered on April 10, 2011. The spin-off of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" followed the then-couple as they tried to balance their hectic schedules, families and, perhaps most importantly, their romantic one-on-one time together.

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