Barbara Palvin Has Some Words for Justin Bieber After He Says He Looks Like Her BF Dylan Sprouse
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The Canadian pop superstar shares on Instagram a side-by-side comparison shot of himself and the Sprouse twins as kids to prove that they resemble each other.

AceShowbiz - Does Justin Bieber look like the Sprouse twins? Well, that's what the Canadian superstar thought as he shared on Instagram some pictures to prove that he, Dylan and Cole Sprouse resemble each other a lot. However, his rumored ex-girlfriend Barbara Palvin begged to differ.

It all started after Justin posted on the photo-sharing platform a side-by-side comparison shot of himself and the Sprouse twins as kids. Suggesting that he could have replaced them in 1999's "Big Daddy", the singer wrote in the caption, "Me and the Sprouse twins looked so similar as a baby. I coulda subbed in for them for big daddy. Comment yes or no down below!"

Some of his friends agreed with him and said that he did look like the twins in the picture, but Barbara had a different opinion on that. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the Harper's Bazaar Icon party in New York City, the Victoria's Secret model made it clear that "no one can be compared to the Sprouse twins." She then added, "I don't agree."

Barbara and Justin were rumored to be dating back in 2012, after his initial split from Selena Gomez. However, a year later, the brunette beauty debunked those rumors in an interview, "I'm OK to talk about it because I know there's nothing. It's ridiculous how this got to the news."

Although her romance with Justin turned out to be fake, her relationship with Dylan Sprouse is surely not. The couple, who has moved in together in New York City since January of this year, recently celebrated their one-year anniversary with some adorable throwback pics. For her part, Barbara shared a series of pictures of them cozying up to each other along with a caption that read, "Happy anniversary I love you."

Meanwhile, Dylan wrote in a since-deleted post, "One whole year with smoogie. From China to NYC to the rest of the world. I'll save the sappiness for private, but my life is better now."

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