'Basketball Wives': Twitter Roasts Evelyn Lozada as She Lies About Jackie Christie Friendship

While one fan tweets that 'Evelyn is moving snakey towards Jackie this season' of the VH1 show, someone else suggests Jackie to keep "her distance from Evelyn' because 'Evelyn is fake.'

AceShowbiz - The current season 8 of "Basketball Wives" has been focusing on the drama surrounding Jackie Christie, who was involved in an intense altercation with co-star Malaysia Pargo and her family in the previous episodes. The new episode sees Jackie coming to realize that the whole thing happens because of Evelyn Lozada.

The Wednesday, September 4 episode saw Ogom Chijindu a.k.a. OG telling Jackie that Evelyn, who previously sprung a lie detector test on Jackie to prove she wasn't saying anything negative behind anyone's back, was the one who called her crazy from the beginning. Additionally, OG let Jackie know about Evelyn refusing to acknowledge their friendship.

"Well, I said, 'Evelyn, is Jackie your friend? Is she not?' " OG recalled to Jackie, before imitating the uncomfortable facial expression that Evelyn made after getting the question. The scene then cut to the moment when Feby Torres said, "Jackie and Evelyn is not friends." Evelyn didn't try to deny Feby's remarks and she was laughing instead.

That led Jackie to confront Evelyn. "When Feby said that we ain't friends, you didn't deny it. So my whole thing is you didn't deny it, [so] what is really going on? Where do we stand? 'Cause I thought we was cool." Defending herself, Evelyn insisted "that is not true."

Speaking in confessional, Evelyn said, "Desperate OG got into Jackie's ear to try to start s**t! But what Jackie should realize, our friendship is not the problem. The problem is OG." She also told Jackie that she was baffled that Jackie even questioned their friendship.

While it remains to be seen how Jackie took her explanation, viewers were not buying and even took to social media to drag Evelyn. "Evelyn b***h the cameras are rolling! Why lie ion get it! All y'all was being shady," said one person. "Damn #Evelyn you just sat there and lied to #jackie 's face. No girl #OG is NOT the problem. Its tou [sic] grown a** women popping s**t but cant NEVER back it up," added one other fan.

While one fan said that "Evelyn is moving snakey towards Jackie this season," someone else suggested Jackie to keep "her distance from Evelyn. Evelyn is fake. Tami tried to tell her nut she wanted to be her friend so badly." Another post read, "Evelyn is such a liar; no she did not try to turn it around on @iHeartOG, trying to make her seem wrong & trying to start drama. OG told the absolute truth; Evelyn did not deny it when Feby said that Evelyn is not Jackie's friend, she even laughed."

"I wish Jackie will realize that Evelyn is a mf snake. She's fake, sneaky and toxic as hell. Tami was the only one who would stand up to her," another fan tweeted. One other added, " So Evelyn straight up lied to Jackie's face and called OG a liar. OG said verbatim what Evelyn did and the way she responded. These women... geesh."

Find out what happens next in "Basketball Wives" season 8 that airs on Wednesdays at 8 P.M. on VH1.

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