Chris Brown's Ex Ammika Harris Claps Back After Accused of Hiding Her 'Baby Bump'

The model faces strong demand from her Instagram followers to confirm her rumored pregnancy after sharing a picture of her rocking a hoodie while showing her back to the camera.

AceShowbiz - Ammika Harris' pregnancy rumors just won't die down though she doesn't show any sign of a bun in the oven in her recent pictures. Instead, people have accused the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown of trying to hide her supposed baby bump.

On Wednesday, September 4, the 26-year-old beauty posted on Instagram a photo of her rocking a beige hoodie. She turned around and showed her back to the camera to reveal the words "PrettyLittleThing" on it. She also held the brand's holographic clutch.

Seeing the photo, people then speculated that Ammika posed like that to hide her belly. "When you got hide the baby bump," one commented on the post. Appearing to dismiss the pregnancy speculation, the model wrote back, "when its all about the hoodie."

That, however, didn't seem to convince others that she's not pregnant. "LMAO OKAY! LIKE THE NEWS IS OUT, why @chrisbrownofficial and @ammikaaa hiding the baby, Let's see that belly. Spot light is already on you might as well go full throttle," one told Ammika.

Others urged the model to confirm her supposed pregnancy, writing such things as "just show your belly already, we all know you're pregnant" and "Jus comfirm already."

Still, there are some people who don't believe the pregnancy rumors. "Been saying she prego for months and ain't no way in hell you can hide a baby bump for that long with that being said False alarm guys she's not prego," one of them argued.

Some others told those Internet trolls to leave Ammika alone. "Pregnant or not why y'all so pressed up in her business jheeez," one scolded the naysayers. Another similarly added, "What's up with these haters . Leave her alone. Fire."

News of Ammika's pregnancy first surfaced in May, after Chris left gushy and flirty comments on the model's Instagram post, writing, "Yup" and "BM BAD." Most of his fans seemed to understand that "BM" stands for "baby mama."

The two remain mum on the pregnancy speculation, but Ammika made her fans confused after she kept showing her flat tummy on her Instagram posts.

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