Jenelle Evans Wards Off Fourth Pregnancy Rumor, Fans Defend Her 'Fat' Belly

While the former 'Teen Mom 2' star insists that she's not pregnant, some Instagram users troll her for looking bloated despite the fact that she promotes a weight-loss shake.

AceShowbiz - Jenelle Evans has shut down a pregnancy rumor before it even started. The former "Teen Mom 2" star recently posted on Instagram photos of her family taken at a wedding they attended. "Had so much fun yesterday at a wedding we attended. It was absolutely beautiful and the kids had an amazing time. The kids said 'let's find more weddings,' " she wrote in the caption.

While her intention was to document and share her family's beautiful moment together, fans couldn't help noticing her rounder belly underneath her emerald green dress. Realizing that her not-so-flat tummy would spark a fourth pregnancy speculation, the former reality TV star added in the caption that she's "not pregnant, just fat."

That, however, didn't stop her followers from leaving comments about her supposed pregnancy. "Another baby bump?? Dear lord find another hobby girl!" one wrote in the comment section. Another added, "Congratulations on ur pregnancy!! it came out already to the public!"

Believing that Jenelle is not pregnant, some others poked fun at her bloated stomach despite the fact that she recently promoted a weight-loss shake on her Instagram page. "So i guess that tea tummy crap isn't working out for ya then," one jokingly called her out. Some others responded with, "Truth!!!!" and "for real!!! My 1st thought!"

There were some others who defended Jenelle, though. Sharing the same issue with the mother of three, one wrote, "had stomach surgeries and also severely lactose intolerant. I have a flat stomach but boy, if I eat the wrong thing or drink milk, I pay for it big time, my belly bloats and I look 9 months preggo. It is awful and painful. It does happen unfortunately!!!"

"You're not fat, FFS, you're a beautiful woman who has given birth to 3 beautiful babies," another convinced Jenelle. "Embrace yourself and the critics and haters can debrief with their plastic surgeons. You look happy and healthy and that's so important."

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