Twitter Baffled by Video of Kanye West Allegedly Eating His Earwax

Fans' reactions to the viral video are mixed with one fan writing on the micro-blogging site, 'Woke up and saw kanye eat his ear wax. Logging off for da day.'

AceShowbiz - Kanye West makes people on Twitter raise their eyebrows with a recent video of him that went viral. The fan-captured clip sparked debate online as the 42-year-old music mogul was seen allegedly eating his own earwax, much to people's disbelief.

The "Gold Digger" rapper could be seen standing among a crowd of people of his Sunday Service on September 1. Everything was normal before the video saw the husband of Kim Kardashian putting his finger to the lower part of his inner ear.

That would be okay, but then he put that very finger to his mouth really quickly. "So I didn't even notice but I got a video of @kanyewest eating his earwax," the uploader wrote alongside the video. The video has been retweeted 20.4K times and gained 111.7K likes and 2.7M views as of now.

Fans' reactions were mixed over the clip. "Woke up and saw kanye eat his ear wax. Logging off for da day," one fan wrote on Twitter. Seemingly joking about the rumors of the hip-hop star starting a cult, one other user said, "Kanye eats ear wax maybe he knows something we don't?"

Someone else commented their disgust at the act, posting a GIF that read, "Oh my God. I didn't need to see that." Meanwhile, others responded with GIFs that showed a person getting sick to their stomach.

However, some other people jumped into Yeezy's defense. "Cap he didn't even dig in his ear he scratched his earlobe and took gum out his mouth," one people tweeted. One other wrote, "Trying to get some seconds of fame. Scratched his ear and removed something from his mouth. Simple."

"I think he picked his ear and the pulled something off of his lip tho lol I don't think he ate the ear wax he didn't even grab wax he grabbed his ear lobe lol Twitter tryna drag this man through the mud," another one defended Kanye. Meanwhile, another comment read, "Dude literally scratched his ear and then took gum out of his mouth, ppl will literally do anything to make Kanye look bad."

Kanye has yet to comment on the speculations.

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