Some stars are personally involved in their fans' love journey, while others opt to show their love in what looks like a small thing but will definitely leave a huge impression to their fans.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix won't let his fans miss his performance just because of financial issue. A fan named Chris McPadden told the DJ on Twitter about how he might not be able to catch his 2016 performance in Amsterdam because he couldn't afford the flight despite having the concert tickets. "please sponsor me a flight to Amsterdam Friday. I have two tickets for you and I can't afford th flights now #please help," he wrote.

Martin took notice of the plea so he quickly contacted the fan through DM. The producer asked Chris to send him "your passport scans and I'll book you a flight arriving friday leaving sunday." When he really did book round-trip flights for him, Chris was made speechless. "Oh my god I'm speechless thank you so much," the fan wrote back, feeling extremely grateful. He also raved about Martin in a new tweet, saying, "that boy seriously is all about his fans. THANK YOU SO F***ING MUCH."

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