Bella Thorne Makes People 'Disgusted' With Her 'Horrifying' Skincare Routine

Many people are concerned with the fact that the 'Famous in Love' alum uses both lemon juice and sugar scrubs on her face as those ingredients cause more harm than good.

AceShowbiz - Celebrities' secret to healthy skin is something that everyone craves for, but it's safe to say that Bella Thorne's is not one that many people will follow. Instead, the Disney alum has been blasted over her skincare routine that many deem horrifying and do more harm than good.

Harper's Bazaar recently tapped Bella as the latest artist to share details about their bedtime skincare regimes for its "Go to Bed with Me" series. In the 10-minute video, the "Famous in Love" star explained that her skincare routine consists of "basically one-ish thing" and that she mostly focuses her efforts on the texture of her skin.

Revealing that she suffered from years of cystic acne and that her skin is "very oily underneath and dry on top," Bella washed her face using a homemade scrub consisting of lemon, olive oil and sugar. She then slapped her skin as a way to "wake everything up" before finishing it off with a homemade mask containing coconut oil, honey and cherries. Bella didn't even use moisturizer, saying, "I don't do anything extra, I don't use moisturizer or anything crazy."

Those who watched the video admitted to feeling "disgusted" by her skincare routine, particularly due to the fact that she used lemon juice and sugar scrubs on her face. This is because lemon is super acidic and can cause irritation, and sugar and other physical exfoliators can scrape the surface of your skin and damage it.

"Sugar scrubs and lemon juice good Lord! These are so aggressive to the skin and can cause scarring," an Internet user said, as someone confesses to not being able to watch in just two minutes, "I got two minutes into this and was actually recoiling from my phone. I am disgusted someone would treat their skin this way." Another commented, "Sugar and lemon scrub on dry skin? Yikes."

Some others, meanwhile, were bothered by the fact that she didn't use moisturizer. "Lemon and sugar? Arrrgghhhh!!! My face would breakout. You don't even use moisturizer?! That's why you have dehydrated skin sis," one user wrote as one other wondered, "Why she calling moisturizer something 'extra'/'crazy' its a basic need for ur skin girl."

Bella has yet to respond to the backlash.

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