Azealia Banks Fights With Woman Accusing Her of Having Sex on Airplane

A rep for Scandinavian Airlines confirms that the fight did occur during the flight, adding that authorities were later involved as soon as the plane landed in Los Angeles from Sweden.

AceShowbiz - It seems like there isn't one peaceful day for Azealia Banks. The rapper recently got into an altercation with a fellow flight passenger during her flight from Sweden to Los Angeles. Azealia, who traveled alongside her boyfriend, claimed that the woman was trying to "racially profile" her with her sex claims.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, the rap star showed a woman and a member of Scandinavian Airlines crew allegedly assaulting her. "I'm on the SAS flight and this one lady right here thinks me and my boyfriend were having sex on the plane so she tried to racially profile me," Azealia could be heard saying.

The woman tried to stop Azealia from filming her by putting her hand on the latter's phone. Later, the flight attendant was seen leaning in toward the musician and that was when Azealia claimed to be physically attacked.

"Ohhhh you just hit me!" Azealia screamed, before the woman said, "No, I didn't!" Azealia, however, clapped back, "Yes, you did. This lady just hit me on the f***ing flight!"

Captioning the video, the hip-hop star wrote, "Hello SAS, I was just racially profiled and assaulted by your crew on a flight back to LA from Stockholm. Please contact me or my team ASAP."

A rep for Scandinavian Airlines confirmed to The Blast that the fight did occur during the flight. "We can confirm that there was an incident on the flight to Los Angeles from Arlanda," said the rep.

The rep added that police were later involved as soon as the plane landed. "A passenger’s behavior toward other passengers and flight staff caused the legal authorities to be contacted, and they were present when the aircraft landed in Los Angeles," the rep continued. "We cannot provide any further information surrounding our passengers onboard."

It remains to be seen how things went out after the police arrived. However, according to her Instagram Stories, she was having a sushi lunch in L.A. after landing. She then said that in the post, whenever she's in a "place that’s enclosed with old White people — like old White ladies, they love to f***ing pick on [her]."

This is hardly the first time for Azealia to be running into trouble during flight. Earlier this year, she said she was banned from Aer Lingus Flights after an alleged massive confrontation with a stewardess on a January 21 flight. Additionally, she threw an offensive, homophobic remark at a flight attendant back in September 2015 while trying to leave a Delta flight at LAX.

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