'LHH: Hollywood': K. Michelle Drags Blac Chyna Over Her Music Career

Calling the 'Real Blac Chyna' star 'fake a**' artist, the singer rants in the latest episode of the show, 'The gift that God gave me...that's not the last resort to your d**k s***ing that didn't work.'

AceShowbiz - K. Michelle didn't hold back when she was taking a jab at Blac Chyna in the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" season 6. The singer was passionately shading the former stripper over the latter's attempt to come into the music industry without any talent.

During the episode, which aired on Monday, August 26, K. Michelle revealed that "I'd have hung up" if Chyna ever called her to do music. While she was told that the former "Rob & Chyna" star could sing and had a tone, K Michelle insisted that the music industry wasn't "something that you automatically say you want to do."

"The gift that God gave me...that's not the last resort to your d**k s***ing that didn't work," she continued.

In a confessional, the singer went on ranting, "[I] worked my a** on stage to sing for my fans in a wheelchair. So, why the f**k do you think I wanna sit around and talk about these fake a** artists?" She continued, "I was busting my a**! I love this! This is how I eat!"

Fans seemingly agreed with the VH1 personality on this one. "She has a point...I feel like alot of new artist are just waking up and saying I'm going to try to be a rapper. There's no real passion that's why music now a days is," one Instagram user wrote. Another one praised the "Maybe I Should Call" singer, sating, "I love K Michelle cause she tells nothing but the truth."

"K.michelle is speaking nothing but FACTS they careers don't work out so they result to singing and rapping literally EVERYBODY trying to be an artist," read another comment. However, some others thought she was just being "hateful" and reminded people, "Ladies please remember that you do not have to bash other women to lift yourself up."

Back in 2017, Chyna was rumored to be working on a hip-hop album by signing a $1 million contract with Capitol Records. The speculation sparked after the mother of two was photographed arriving at the Capitol Records building in Hollywood with her lawyer. Rocking a bright red curly hair, white spandex shorts and a white bandeau which flaunted her under-boob, she was said to be coming there to seal the deal.

Fueling the rumor, Chyna took to Snapchat to share a cryptic image which found her in what appears to be a music studio. The ex-fiancee of Rob Kardashian was seen wearing headphones while standing in front of a microphone. She left the pic captionless, making fans wonder if she really tried a new career path as a singer.

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