Lil Uzi Vert Agrees to Cover Temple University Student's $90,000 Tuition

Approached by Raheel Ahmad when shopping in a Philadelphia department store, the 'Money Longer' hitmaker responds by stating that the former has to show him his transcripts and everything.

AceShowbiz - Lil Uzi Vert has promised to pay $90,000 for one lucky student's college tuition.

The rapper was shopping in a Philadelphia department store when a fan approached him and asked him outright to pay for his education fees, according to a video obtained by The Blast.

The student, who was reportedly identified himself as Raheel Ahmad, told the "Money Longer" hitmaker that his tuition at Temple University was $90,000, prompting Uzi to agree to his request.

The hip-hop star told the stunned student that he would pay the bill, but he had to adhere to certain conditions.

"Make sure you show me all of your transcripts, everything," Uzi can be heard telling Raheel. "Show me all your papers and everything, and you'll get 90 thousand from me. I'm serious. If you don't show me, you won't get 90 grand from me... you gotta show me the proof."

Local outlet Action News spoke with the student, who revealed that he has yet to hear back form the rapper, despite sending him everything he asked for.

"I'll just say shout out to Uzi, and thank you if actually do come through this, greatly appreciate it, and one love," the student added.

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