Taylor Swift Keeps Travel Arrangements Secret to Avoid Delusional Stalkers

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the 'ME!' hitmaker admits the number of armed stalkers showing up at her houses leads her to be prepared with bandage dressing.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift tries to keep her personal travel arrangements low-key to avoid crazy stalkers who show up at her door.

The 29-year-old splits her time between homes in London, New York, Tennessee, and Rhode Island, and begs friends and family not to be too open with details about where in the world she is.

In a new CBS Sunday Morning interview, she says, "I try not to ever really say where I am the most, because since all my addresses are on the Internet, people tend to show up uninvited - dudes that think we have an imaginary marriage."

"I've had a lot of stalkers show up to my houses, armed."

Taylor recently told Elle magazine she carries army-grade bandage dressing with her at all times, in case of emergency should an obsessed fan shoot or stab her.

She tells CBS, "I've had a lot of stalkers show up to the house, armed, so we have to think that way."

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