Blac Chyna's Makeup Artist Defends Her Amid Drama With Former Publicist
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Viewers, meanwhile, apparently feel like they fake all the drama featured on 'The Real Blac Chyna' as one individual highly doubts 'they just stop being friends just like that.'

AceShowbiz - The latest episode of "The Real Blac Chyna" was wild. After feuding with former pal Treasure, the reality TV star was seen involved in a screaming match with her then-publicist Phreshy.

In the episode, Phreshy appeared to be convincing the former "Rob & Chyna" star that he was on her side and that he was always making sure that she was comfortable with her projects. When a crew member from the Zeus show asked him to stop yelling at Chyna, Phreshy responded, "I can't work for somebody who was working against me."

Chyna was later heard saying that she "made" Phreshy, a claim which he didn't take very well. "I don't need this. I don't have to deal with this. I have people who treat me with motherf***ing respect," he continued saying before storming off her place.

Phreshy later explained his side of story in the comment section of Zeus' post of the clip featuring the fight. "Let's be clear... I'm the reason why she went to Wendy [Williams] and why @thezeusnetwork got access to Wendy and had good PR! Keep playing with my business and my brand. The same press I gave y'all to succeed will be the same press I give y'all to end this bulls**t," he wrote. "STOP PLAYING WITH ME! I've been peaceful. Let's be professional or let's be real. I'm good at both."

He went on claiming that he'd been silent all the time amid the mistreatment he'd been receiving. "I didn't get paid not one dime! I've been silent and professional this whole time. Zeus was just begging me to film last week! Yall have no idea of what I did and dealt with working for her," he explained. "I was never fired! I left because of emotional distress. Please stop tagging me."

While Chyna has yet to respond to Phreshy's comments, the reality TV star's makeup artist Alex Jairus jumped to her defense. "First of all I was the make up artist for that day of Chyna filming for her appearance to be on the Wendy Show and continuously for her in Los Angeles," he wrote in social media post. "There was a team meeting the night before discussing the next day of events. Walking that morning to prep Chyna for her big day nothing was ready besides my kit and I."

"The hair stylist was late, the wrong wig was prepped, the food was late, people were still in their bedfs sleep while Chyna was awake and was lied to about her call time making her anxious when she is already a nervous individual," Alex went on saying.

"If you see during the episode not once did Chyna yell or curse at me. Not once did you see her correct me about doing my job," he added. "The entire time I was trying to do my job her team kept asking her questions while her glam which distracted her to look towards them to answer their questions which prolonged the glame to go longer in duration."

Viewers, meanwhile, apparently felt like they faked all the drama featured on the show. "Each week it's a different person blasting Chyna. Honestly I think it's to bring in more views. They make the most dramatic comments, y'all drag Chyna, then head over to Zeus to watch next week . These people are friends. I highly doubt they just stop being friends just like that," one individual said in the comment section of one of The Neighborhood Talk's posts.

Another comment read, "So basically the tea is Blac Chyna's show is not doing so good when it comes to subscribers so Zeus is making sure that they add more scripted drama to make the show more appealing... And Chyna is losing her friendships in the process of making this show."

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